A Time for Magic


In the very earliest time

When both people and animals lived on earth,

A person could become an animal if he wanted to

And an animal could become a human being…..

All spoke the same language.

That was the time when words were like magic.*


I love this poem. It describes the essence of what it means to be spiritual as we live out our many lives on Earth, working to be in the place of being where all realities merge, and where we are one with everything, consciously.

A time for magic

A time for magic

It is at this stage of enlightenment that we can, indeed, become the animal or the tree, and they can shapeshift into us – if they wish so to do – using the language that is no-language, words based on sounds that are universal and a telepathic communication that is far richer and clearer than the limited, inadequate, restrictive and mind-based form of speech we use among ourselves. Can you imagine a badger talking to a weasel using human words? Can you imagine a bird talking to a tree wordlessly? The one will only happen in a film, the other happens all the time.

All of the wonderful components of nature have the ability to communicate with each other perfectly, to blend and merge and change with each other at will in a profusion of love and the joy of being alive. The exception to this law of nature is we humans, who could be a part of the magic that this is but who have forgotten how. We have abandoned the most precious aspect of spiritual life on Earth; we have separated from Life, and from ourselves.

It is sad that the Inuits who wrote so nostalgically about the separation of Man saw that earlier time of magic as being long gone. They may be right that the mass of humanity will never recapture the understanding and practice of true oneness, but that does not mean it is withheld from you.

If you read their words, and read my words, and if they make your heart long for the experience of true union, then you can recapture the knowledge that once you had through practice and belief. Begin by looking, seeing, hearing, and then feel.

This is the time for magic to begin, and for magic to return. I promise this is true.


*From “Magic Words”, an Inuit narrative translated by Edward Field.





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