Gene Editing and the Future for Souls

Gene editing for achieving designer babies and for the elimination of disabling hereditary conditions has been talked of for years, but has become more of a reality with the announcement of a successful scientific experiment in gene correction. The implications give much food for thought.

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Charlie Gard

Whether he lives or dies, Charlie Gard, the centre of world attention for most of his little life, will never know that he was the most famous baby in the world, for the saddest of reasons.

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A July Full Moon of Material Rebirth

The full moon in July each year is significant for its emphasis on group rebirth and advancing the soul. In 2017, this Sunday, there is an urgency for the message to be heard and actioned. It is time.

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The Brightest Light

Light is the key to the truth. The brighter the light, the greater the truth, and the brightest light illuminates the secrets of Spirit. Light is fundamental to our human well-being and to our future as souls.

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The Solstice Today, Your Day

The energy of a heatwave solstice change woke me early today, along with the pre-dawn song of blackbirds and the chatter of bats returning to their roosts under my windows. It feels momentous, infinite, rich and transitory, a day to remember but which in the human passage of time I am likely to forget. It does not matter.

Solstice Cross

Celtic Cross

The light comes up but it has no colour, yet all I see is a palate of shades of tree green and creamy blossom stirring in God’s breath; it is as if my house and human life do not exist, today, as the power and beauty of the natural world dominate all I see and feel. The sadness from fire and violence is comforted.

This is a precious time when human cares and imperatives and tragedies can be forgotten, just for a while, and it is a moment such as this that reminds me of the importance of enabling this blending of senses and Spirit through pausing and being. On this Solstice day, as the world around me sleeps, I feel the hand of God upon this sacred land and know it is on you, too; it is the touch of loving reassurance and a reminder that we are part of God’s plan and have work to do.

It is easy to get lost in the magic of spiritual practice or the mundanities of modern life, doing the one to avoid the other perhaps or just forgetting about the need to have both: the scales of balance between the two aspects of who you are may tip unevenly from time to time, but being aware and attentive will ensure an overall perfect equilibrium. Today, the Solstice, is the day of balance – the human and the spiritual and also of past and future to achieve a constant, abundant, fearless present which is forever.

If you can, today, let this be a day of balance and also harmony, when you appreciate the blessings of your humanity and feel, perhaps, the empowering presence of Spirit everywhere. It is a day to give thanks for the past and to look forward to the future, a day for endings and beginnings and trust. It is your day.


A guided meditation for the June Solstice, created and recorded by me in 2013, is available for you on the Free Channellings page of my website.






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Grenfell Tower – a Fire without Reason

No-one with heart can fail to be moved by the Grenfell Tower fire in London. It is hard to imagine the horror of the fire for those caught up in it, and the audio-video recordings by people in the flats is almost too much to bear, particularly since so many of them are missing. They are tragic, possibly last, words.

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Friday’s Full Moon to Change the World

It is no coincidence that these three months of 2017, April to June, and their full moons mark the high point of the spiritual year just as human life on Earth seems to be at its lowest point. From this polarisation must emerge change for great good.

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Manchester, a Reminder about Life and Death

The Manchester bombing, understandably, has given rise to worldwide praise for the defiant bravery of the people of a proud city and a resolute nation. Much has been said about peace and love, about unity and community, and now, while the grief and shock continues, attention is turning to the terrorist and future prevention in the usual pattern of such dreadful events. Some subjects go unsaid, though they are felt deeply.

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Mount Everest Saying No

The mysterious disappearance of the Hillary Step on Mount Everest is causing worldwide speculation, without good answer.

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