The December Solstice – a Time to Hear the Angels Sing

Another Solstice is on its way, and already I look forward to the growing light that will come from this point, and the sign that Spring and new life are not so far away. This period, for me, of long nights and short days is one of hibernation, a chance to reflect on what has been and what is to come, a time to give thanks for the year gone by and to embrace the adventure of the unknown that lies ahead in this age of change.

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The Mandela Memorial Deaf Interpreter – What is the Truth?

There is amazement and mockery about the deaf interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service who could not sign and who, today, said he was schizophrenic and had seen angels entering the stage where the key speakers gave their eulogies, alongside him.

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Angels Walking the Earth

Did you know that angels are walking the earth, now?

“Your Planet, now, has many visitors from the realms of the Angels working among you as emissaries, messengers from God, and their numbers will increase in the year of the 2014; they will be part of the age of spiritual enlightenment……” The Masters of Light said much more about the role of these angels, when they gave channelled guidance through me recently about 2014 which will be published in full in the Predictions Edition of Sedona Journal of Emergence, in December.

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