The World is not Ours


In the warmth of a mild late September, when autumn has just begun to show himself, plants in my garden that I thought had died down in preparation for the ending of the year have pushed forth delicate new flowers in a message of life and hope: in every ending there are new beginnings.

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A Time for Magic


In the very earliest time

When both people and animals lived on earth,

A person could become an animal if he wanted to

And an animal could become a human being…..

All spoke the same language.

That was the time when words were like magic.*

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Being in Balance

The point of being human in a lifetime on Earth is to learn to be in balance, not just sometimes but as a constant state of being. It is not easy.

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The Madness of Human Intervention

This morning I caught the tail end of a fascinating discussion on Radio 4’s Today Programme about how human intervention has changed the planet in the past and how we stand at a pivotal and extraordinary point in our relationship with Earth now.

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Finding Harmony and Beauty in the Midst of Struggle

It is forgotten often that the cosmic ray that has the strongest influence on Earth is not just bringing about harmony through our struggles, but is the creator of beauty too. The 4th Ray, in this regard, is perfect for our world.

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The heat of Earth, the fire of the Sun – perfect balance

In this age of Light, all new truth deserves study for its deeper meaning, and so it is is today as we learn that the centre of Earth is far hotter than had been known before: it is the same temperature, 6000C, as the surface of the Sun.
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Cosmic Rebirthing, Personal Reincarnation

To have it acknowledged by scientists that our Universe will go through a rebirthing process whereby a new universe will emerge to replace the one that is dying is a definitive statement, at last, about the reality of reincarnation.

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Water on Mars, life on Mars, and parallels with Earth

It has gone largely unremarked that Curiosity’s latest pictures show a network of valleys formed by flowing water, indicating there was physical life there once – and hinting at significant parallels with Earth.

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