The Meaning of November

November can be a melancholy time, particularly for those of us in the northern hemisphere who watch the dying of summer and feel the imminence of winter. It is the dying of the year, wherever we are.

While we may feel called to retreat into hibernation, spiritually there is much to be done in November. This is the month to review our achievements in 2016, particularly in how we have managed our actions and reactions, our emotions and most of all, our truth. How true have we been to ourselves? How true have we been to our soul? How true have we been to our world? What have we done to help? Could we have done more?

November coloursAnswer honestly and you may feel disappointment, but it is important you feel no guilt or inadequacy; instead, use the personal review as an opportunity both to see all that has been good and also to determine the way ahead for you. This is a month of transition, when you learn from what has been done and prepare to move to a new cycle, beginning at the December Solstice not so far away.

So, let your hibernation be a time of inner activity, reflecting and letting go, watching, planning and deciding. You know how much the world is changing around you, and you may wish to think about what changes you wish to bring into your life to correspond comfortably – or not – with these uncertainties, and to prepare yourself at every level for the new age that is so close now.

Let this November be real yet surreal, extrovert yet introvert. Let it be true.




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