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A blue August Full Moon to complete a Cycle of Storms

As the light of the blue full moon which completes this month of August lay on me last night, I felt the intensity of the cycle which it completes today, a cycle of storms.

I will be glad when the dominant presence of the Moon Priestess retreats and her mood changes, hopefully to be softer and kinder. She issued a call for soul-searching for many of us, and you may have been asked to confront your hardest human lessons not just in the last lunar cycle but in the last three months. It has been a time of extremes, particularly of emotion, and some people have talked of great inner struggle while others have talked of a stream of joy within.

The moon is in the sun sign of Virgo now and it is no coincidence that, esoterically, this astrological symbol represents the human goal of union of Spirit with matter: it is what we are on Earth to achieve individually and collectively, and Virgo’s influence is another reminder of our choices to do with duality and our relationship with God, and also with ourselves. When we are at peace with ourselves we are in that place of one-ness, and have earned the prize of peace of mind, heart and soul – whatever storms may be raging outside.

As the climax of this full moon approaches, this place of Wales where I live is calm, though frosty today. Three fox cubs were playing in the garden when I rose, and otherwise the land slept. It waits, too, as do I: so many adventures yet to come.

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