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A Flood-Filled Full Moon in Aquarius*

The Aquarian* Full Moon on Valentine’s Day sees the completion of a cycle of nature which will not be forgotten, memorable for flooding storms and chaos everywhere. It is a sign of the times, and of the power and ruthlessness of nature.

In my last blog post I wrote about how the old energies of the outgoing Age of Pisces needed to be washed away in order for the incoming Age of Aquarius to arrive in all its grace, and how the extremes of weather everywhere were a part of this. The concept provoked discussion in a number of forums, and I was interested that one concerned contributor blamed the manipulation of weather, geo-engineering, for the excessive rain, snow, cold and heat. She said (and I paraphrase) that man may be responsible for these great events rather than the divine force of nature, and that the gods permit us to create our disrupted world rather than themselves directing the play.

Full Moon and FloodsThere is no doubt that some scientists are experimenting with our weather in ways that are dangerous, and that they may well be contributing to climate change in its literal sense. It is true, too, that the Lights of Spirit will not interfere in our right to choose our environment and experiences, though no doubt They smile often to watch their children err so often as we learn from our mistakes. However, beyond the great experiment of giving humans choice, there is the culmination of this phase of the Plan of God, the moving of Planet Earth to her place in sacred dimensions to assume her special, prized role at the centre of the Universe, cosmic teacher and communicator. This is what the Age of Aquarius is all about, and nothing will stop it – certainly not the foolishness of man.

Man has made the transition to this new era much harder; it did not have to be this way, and karmically it is fitting that man, having contributed to the need for purification, now is part of it, and will continue so to be. Any full moon is about completion, endings and the preparation for new beginnings, and it is also an opportunity for reflection on what has been. This particular, Aquarian*, Moon is worthy of taking time for thought, remembering the thousands of people who are displaced in shocking circumstances; the pets and wildlife that suffer from the floods and droughts; the land that is battered and altered; the many trees that have died; and, despite these sadnesses, the wonder of the power of nature and the knowledge that the suffering is all for the greater good. In the end, it is all about love – remember this, on Valentine’s Day.


*the astrological sign of Aquarius is used esoterically, relating to the sun rather than the moon.


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