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A Full Moon for Humanity

Another Full Moon – but so special, since the cycle of divine closeness is at its strongest now as the third and last of the great annual spiritual festivals approaches – the Festival of Humanity, the Christ Festival, which takes place, this year, on 29thst May.

Of all times, this is a time to enter the deepest place in our hearts and souls in order to pray for light and love, and good intent; it is a time for invoking unity everywhere, and helping thereby to embed the Christ Consciousness on Earth and in man.

The new world is near, and while the process of transition to achieve it may seem challenging for a while, it will pass quickly. Some people want it, some know it is why they are alive now, while others are in resistance through fear of the unknown or of losing what they hold dear. If you are among those who watch and wait, with joy and optimism, for what lies ahead, take this opportunity, at the Festival of Humanity this week, to invoke the spirit of Christ and the light and to pray for love and unity on Earth. Now is the perfect time.

Remember, you are the key to the ascension of the Planet and the transition of humanity; it is who you are and what you do and how you do it which will determine how far the Plan of God is allowed to develop; the reality you create will determine the structure of the next dimension, the new human and spiritual home which you are beginning to bring into manifestation now. The Christ Consciousness is all about your heart, and what is in your heart is the greatest tool for change there is.

The more you have love and good intent in your heart, the more you will influence the world as your light-filled energy touches many and travels far. Do not underestimate what you achieve by doing your best. The Christ Consciousness is about “the Will to Good”: can you imagine the state of humanity if everyone had the Will to Good as the principal precept in life?

You may like to reflect on the meaning of the Christ Consciousness at this time of its celebration at a special Full Moon, and what it means for you. The Festival of Humanity is a reminder of the love of God for Man and for you as well as of the power of the love within you. There is no limit to love, and this is a perfect time to let it grow.



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“There is no limit to love, and this is a perfect time to let it grow”