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A July Eclipse of Power and Shadow

Tomorrow’s total solar eclipse will not be visible to many of you who read my words, but you will feel the effects as a number of astrological strands come together to create a mosaic of opportunity and significance. Please do not ignore the gifts of growth this time will bring.

The meaning of “eclipse” is “an overshadowing”: the sun will be veiled for a period of time by the moon, which will be new, virginal. The strength of this cheerful sun will be dwarfed by the mysterious force of Mother Moon – the occult will dominate, and your third dimensional reality similarly will be challenged by the pull of Spirit.

It is no coincidence that we are in the shadow period of Mercury in retreat, too, and with this double emphasis on concealment, reality and illusion I encourage you to look carefully at who or what in your life is being eclipsed? What are you choosing to ignore? Is your focus too much on your everyday solar activities at the expense of your lunar calling? Perhaps it is the other way round, and you are closing your eyes to your human reality at the expense of your spiritual balance. Look at yourself………

A total eclipse is a power point in time, and so is an opportunity for major change. The importance of seeing the truth of you and your personal world cannot be overstated, so that you can notice what is hidden, what needs to be developed or transformed, and what or who to let go. Where is your power? Do you give it away? Do you use it wisely? Do you know what it is? This and every eclipse in this new cycle of eclipses is your chance to crystallise your power and accelerate your journey through self-knowledge, self-honesty and good will.

I write of you, and of me, and of all the world where we see visibly expressed the confusions and fallacies arising from a pursuit of privilege for the wrong reasons, and from refusal to see or speak the truth, or change. The opportunities that tomorrow’s eclipse bring to you are given to everyone, and, without care, the tripwire that is Mercury now will bring about a nasty fall to those who fight for power or who take their position in the human community for granted.

Whatever you choose to do at this great July solar eclipse, be true to yourself and aim to be as kind as God. That is your service.





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“…..your chance to crystallise your power…”