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A June Full Moon – a Harbinger of Light

The moon is becoming full as I write, and the sky is filled with light even in the middle of this warm June night. Birds are singing quietly in the bushes when they should be sleeping, kept awake by this strange night-light, and the mountains all around me are alert. It is very still, but a thread of wind sighs and stirs.

This full moon in June is the harbinger of light, a new light that brings not only hope but unity. Whenever there is a dissolution of a familiar order into anarchy, the outcome always is benevolent even if at the time it seems painful and unwelcome. It can be hard to see beyond the uncertainty of a new unknown when you are standing at the precipice, but stepping forward is unavoidable, particularly now.

Anarchy means disorder, or revolution, and anarchy is evident in the breaking down of established races and cultures, in the mass movements of peoples from one continent to another, in the use of religions to inflict hurt, in visceral schisms within and between friends and neighbours. This full moon shines on America, on Europe, on Africa, on Syria, and many other places in turmoil, highlighting nations divided by fear and longing for an answer.

As people and countries fall apart, however, so in time the different, disparate elements will come together again, not as they were before but as a planetary centre of unity. The separation of man from man by colour, belief or value will be ended, and there will be a harmony of purpose based on Truth, and on Love.

The June full moon shines down on you, too, as you wait, like the rest of the world in its own way, for the separate parts of your being to come together in spiritual union, and in light. But you do not have to wait – you can begin the process now. An extraordinary Blood Full Moon next month will reveal more.



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