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A March New Moon of Power

It is no coincidence that March’s new moon tomorrow comes just after the Westminster terror attack in the UK and the healthcare debacle in America, and just before the triggering of Brexit. This moon is all about the use and misuse of  power.

Esoterically speaking, the theme of the new moon, and also the next full moon on 11th April, relates to the potential for the emerging of the individual, or entity, into their full power, a power which derives from the higher mind and heart, and which is meant to be used wisely.

New Moon of Power

New Moon of Power

World events currently are dominated by people who are in positions of power and who are being challenged about how to wield their power. Power struggles are everywhere, and enormous: Theresa May, for example, is confronting, and is confronted by, the leaders of Europe and Scotland as well as opponents closer to home, while President Trump, wincing under self-inflicted and political wounds, is opposed by Republicans, Democrats and many others who are determined to see him fail. The implications for the world of the outcome of such scenarios are serious, which is why how the key protagonists in the battles for victory choose to use their power, and their wisdom, is so important.

Every new moon is a new cycle with new opportunities empowered by the energy of that moon. It applies to you and me as well as countries and institutions. The period immediately ahead of us is an encouragement to avoid judgment, to make choices based on the long-term good rather than for short-term gain, and to use our minds wisely, discerningly, and not foolishly. This new moon is about having the courage to speak out and to step forth, confident in who we are and longing for the greater good: whoever we are in the world, therein lies our power.


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