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A Snow Supermoon for the World

February’s full moon on Tuesday is the second and largest supermoon of 2019, and it is known as the Snow Moon, not just because of the time of year but also because these is an element of purity associated particularly with this full moon. You may care to look out for white messengers on this day.

Esoterically, this full moon is in Pisces, and it represents the coming together of spirit and matter, soul and personality. It is about healing and forgiveness, duality made one. It is very important, for many reasons, including the opportunity for the union of souls for a common good and high service.

Whenever a group of well-intentioned and loving people come together they can create miracles for the world and work wonders. Groups can exist energetically as well as physically, and whoever and wherever you are, you are part of a special group: through your connectedness and the essence of your being, you achieve much, often without knowing that you are so doing. It is part of your life like a golden thread sewn into your being, there forever and for all time.

Being aware of your group connections can help your journey through a sometimes lonely world. It is easy to feel impotent to change what you know is wrong in these sad times for our planet, but you would be mistaken to believe you can do nothing to help. Your thoughts and prayers, wishes and visions, even anger and frustration will be shared by many others like you who see the truth, and your combined energies and attitude of determination for change will change the balance of probability and change the outcome. It is happening.

The shift is tangible, and visible. I was disheartened when a major report on the rapid and dangerous decline in insect numbers this week was reported widely but ignored by governments around the world, disregarding again the warnings of an imminent threat to all life as just another inconvenient warning about the state of the planet. I know many other people felt like me, and that our combined concern and wish to help will make a difference. I have just spent a lot of money buying the best pollinator plants I can find to help insect life in my garden, and I am sure others will do what they can too.

Most encouragingly, children across 60 cities in the UK decided to go on strike, leaving their lessons for one hour on Friday in protest at the lack of action to help the Planet. The movement, Youth Strike 4 Climate, will grow – it is believed 70,000 children are protesting across the world – and their message is being heard. It is a sad indictment of our leaders that young people are having to shame them into prioritising what is the most important issue anywhere, but a wonderful example of group work in action, and gives hope for the future in their hands.

This full moon, use your thoughts wisely, lovingly and with a sense of the community to which you belong, your tribe which shares your values and concerns. Your every thought matters.



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“look out for white messengers...”