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A Solar Eclipse to Remember

Monday’s Solar Eclipse makes August one of the most important months of the year. Even though it will be visible, remarkably, across most of the United States, we all will be affected by it, wherever we are in the world. We will sense it, too.

As, then, the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun and momentarily covers the Sun, darkness will fall in daylight and nature will fall silent, thinking night has fallen. The warmth of the Sun will be replaced by a chill, and that which gives life and light to our Planet will be overshadowed by that which is mystical and mysterious.

Solar EclipseThe feminine Moon will obscure the masculine Sun, and briefly she will reign supreme even as they seem to unite as one in spiritual union. While the physical signs of the Eclipse will be experienced most strongly in America, the actuality of this great event can be known by us all, everywhere, if we choose to know.

The Eclipse is about the hidden becoming visible, about truth being exposed, about the challenges for each of us as we stumble in our personal darkness towards the light of the Divine that beckons us forward on our path of enlightenment. Like the Sun and the Moon that wait expectantly for their cosmic transition, epitomised and foreshadowed in every Eclipse, we know the inevitability of our future: we know that future to be one-ness.

It is no coincidence that the reminders of human separation from the possibility of one-ness are prominent in the days leading up to the Eclipse on 21st August. Division and extremes of view and action are rife, particularly in the US which will be the focal point for the Eclipse. Human frailty is being exposed in all its forms, but hasty judgment of people, events and history serves no purpose, particularly when it inspires or results from violence or biased logic.

Fairness and discernment are much needed as communities are shattered by emotional or physical aggression in cities across the world, most recently Barcelona. Just as the world stops when the Sun and the Moon come together in an Eclipse, so too every act of violence, however justifiable it may be claimed to be, interrupts the rhythm of life and of Spirit.

There can be no peace without one-ness – that is the message of Monday’s Eclipse. One-ness begins and ends in the heart of each of us. Are you ready?





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