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Abortion and Judgment

Stories today about doctors agreeing abortion on the grounds of the sex of the unborn child raise emotional discussion and much judgment, as “termination” does so often. It is a complex issue which touches many aspects of being human.

Before we judge men and women for their choices, it helps to remember that while its soul is connected to the baby in the womb, it does not embed itself until some time after the birth and so if there is a miscarriage or indeed an abortion the soul will find another vehicle for human expression. Additionally, the departure will not have happened randomly and while choice may be a factor, Spirit and the Plan of God have a major part to play in any such significant occurrence. It may be something as prosaic as the timing of the birth requiring to be delayed for astrological reasons, or lessons from the loss of a baby needing to be learned. There is always a reason.

The revelation that a number of parents in Britain are choosing to abort where the sex is undesirable to them may be startling initially but should not, perhaps, be shocking and certainly not judged. It may not be what you or I would choose to do, but there may be factors involved of which we are unaware. The cultural pressures in close-knit societies may be immense, even overwhelming; the attitude to life may be very different from most western beliefs; or the mother may be forced by a domineering husband to agree to the termination – we do not know. In Tibet, if a baby is stillborn or damaged at birth, it is placed in a river to be washed away – there is no sentiment about ritual disposal or special care: only the healthy survive in that harsh land, and the children that live are much loved.

A major aspect of choice is the intent that lies behind it. An abortion may be sought for strong medical reasons, or through coercion, through despair, because of peer pressure, shame or the fear of judgment; it may be used as a form of birth control or even to make money; it may result in great grief or be forgotten immediately – every situation is different and there is no right or wrong. Human frailties are a chance to strengthen, not an excuse for blame, and in the end our choices, intent and actions will be reviewed by a much greater authority than you and I, and in the spirit of the greatest compassion.

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