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Aiming for the Moon

Saturday’s full moon is the last one before the December Solstice and the penultimate full moon of this extraordinary year of 2018. Through the sun it is influenced by Sagittarius, the Archer, and it is special.

It is special for many reasons, not least for epitomising and enabling the fusion of mind and spirit to achieve your goal. It is not necessary for you to know what that goal, that vision is, and often it is better not to seek to know in case your aim causes the arrow of intent to misfire. Instead, direct your arrow towards the light with certainty and gratitude for all that will arrive for you, because your target, which is your reward, is the gift of love and the completion of the Plan of God.

You may choose, as you await the full moon, to think about your short term, human aims if you wish and to ask the Mistress of the Moon to work with you over the coming lunar cycles to fulfil what is in your mind. She will, if your intent is clear and pure.

At another level, this is a perfect time to begin your preparations for the Solstice and what comes from and after it: you cannot know the full significance of this time of planetary change, for no-one has the breadth of spiritual understanding so to do, but by committing to whatever is to come with trust and a sense of purpose, today, you are assisting the manifestation of the New Light and the New Consciousness on Earth and within you.

Aim your arrow high and straight, today, and Saturday, and all days, and allow it to go where it wants, into the light of the sun and the moon and the mind and the heart of God; and into you, for you are all of this, and more.


[My latest public channelling, recorded this week, is now available. Please go here to listen to it.]


2 thoughts on “Aiming for the Moon

  1. Hello Claire,

    Thank you for a timely and inspiring blog, as pertinent as all your writings.

    AS you say, each Full Moon has its own character, and each is an opportunity for personal growth, (as well as global).

    I am thinking also of your piece on the Harvest Moon of Choice and Wisdom – how our choices are our personal responsibility, however limiting we may find them,and hwever much we may rail against them.

    And now it is time again to trust in the clarity that the beams of the Full Moon brings, be the good Archer and aim high and true for individual and universal growth.

    Thank you for your moving words – they really resonate.

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