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An Unquiet World, and a Black Supermoon

The Black Supermoon of recent nights has made its majestic presence felt most powerfully, filled with message and symbolism, and continues so to do, affecting all of us.

Like you, perhaps, I have felt it. The incessant heavy rain that has shrouded mid-Wales for weeks has cleared every night, and I have been able to go for a night walk, as I like to do when I can. Although mid-Wales, where I live, has been shrouded by rain for weeks, the skies have cleared briefly every evening to reveal a spectacular display of stars. What has been most remarkable – apart from the break in the clouds at the perfect time – has been the blackness all around, swallowing the light of my torch and even the light of the stars glowing far above me.

This was the build-up and conclusion to a special New Moon which was a Supermoon and according to Wiccan lore, a Black Moon, a time when the moon is invisible, and waters rise. Because the moon was at her closest to Earth and so at her most influential, her energy was and is tangible. It is no coincidence that floods and high tides have been prominent in these days of the new Moon, which coincided also with the birth of the Chinese New Year of the Horse, symbolically a year of adventure and change, fire and conflict.

It has been and continues to be a remarkable time, for the next Black Moon will not occur until January 2018, and while Full Supermoons will return in July, August and September, for this month of February there will be no New Moon. Do you remember a month without a new Moon? Strange times……….

And meanwhile, on my night-walks, until last night there has been silence accompanying the cloak of invisibility, apart from the constant roar of the swollen River Wye. Felix the cat accompanied me, a black cat who was swallowed into the intense darkness so that even torch light failed to find him until he popped up by my side before disappearing into the shadows again, coming and going eerily as if he was being spirited away for moments at a time. We went out last night again, but this time into a darkness that was unquiet, broken by a howling wind which tore around us angrily as we intruded where, clearly, we were unwanted; Felix began to howl too, telling me it was time to return, and so we did.

The Black Supermoon, though it has passed physically, has left its mark. It has been a bruising time, when I have been unable to sleep and know of others who have felt unease or disquiet without being able to explain it. I wait for the energies to calm and for a sense of universal peace to come, as come it will, for us all. I look forward to the Full Moon on Valentine’s Day, and, perhaps, to the completion of this latest remarkable cycle.


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