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Another Mercury Retrograde…….

Yesterday’s new moon was the herald to another Mercury Retrograde beginning today, each aspects of a powerful cycle of challenge and opportunity disguised in clouds of deception, misunderstanding and obfuscation.

Until the middle of February we will be teased by a slippery game of snakes and ladders, where we will appear to be moving surefootedly along the path of our choosing, only to find ourselves somewhere quite different perhaps having taken a tumble along the way. Actions may have unexpected outcomes and decisions be ones we later regret; people we trust may let us down, and the external world may look empty. It will be disconcerting.



It is at times like these that we can find our greatest strength, and the chance to move through our human frailties to find more of our inner truth. All the deception and confusion of Mercury Retrograde concern the material world and if we are able to recognise this, allow for it and not let it matter, then the hidden blessings of Mercury can help us blossom. Mercury is about communication, discernment, clarity and focus, inner knowing and also wisdom – gifts he wishes to share with us, if we are able to see and share in his plan for us. He is an imp that loves to play games, whether it be a treasure hunt, snakes and ladders, or finding the needle in the haystack, and he is particularly playful when looking backwards. Beneath the teasing, however, is an earnest desire to help us as a result of his testing, for he knows that  the human and spiritual rewards of so doing are enormous.

So, if Mercury in Retrograde pokes you, see the situation in context and look for the deeper meaning. It is your chance to grow, and then move on.


2 thoughts on “Another Mercury Retrograde…….

  1. G’day, Claire!

    If you want to put a humorous spin (every pun intended) on Mercury being retrograde, look no further than an old Canadian joke:

    It’s like getting a vasectomy with a credit card: it hurts, but it works.



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