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Black Moon, Amazon Fire

The Dark of the Moon approaches, and Mother Moon is entering the last three days of her present life but knowing a new one is imminent in her rebirth, her New Moon, on 30th August.

From tomorrow, Tuesday, she will be invisible to us as she enters her void, her underworld, leaving us in night darkness but with the gift of the brilliance of star filled skies to reassure us of the ever-presence of Spirit even as we see the shadows and remember ancient tales of hobgoblins and creatures of the night.  It is a betwixt and between time, a time of shifting realities and inner mystery.  Death is close and so is life.

The sombre energies of these dying days of the Moon are given ruthless emphasis, for this dark phase is leading to a Black Moon on Friday: this is the name for a second New Moon falling in a month, when the feminine mysteries of hidden worlds and magical workings, of rebirth and new beginnings, are at their strongest, enhanced and exaggerated by the Black Moon that is so near.  It is no coincidence that at this same time the inner planets are moving from Leo to Virgo, so the energies are changing from frivolity to seriousness and, significantly, from fire to earth.

There is much angry red fire on earth today, a destructive largely man-made fire that burns in many countries including Brazil and far beyond.  The careless use of fire for short-term economic, political or military gain has been occurring for many years un-noticed or disregarded by a world pre-occupied by personal or national interest.  The destruction of the Amazon rainforest is heartbreaking, but so too is the growing incidence of wildfires started deliberately or thoughtlessly by arsonists in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Australia…… and so too is the poisoning of waterways and lands through illegal mining and oil extraction in Africa and elsewhere.  The killing of life anywhere is insupportable.

The human race has been selfish at the expense of the planetary home on which we depend for life.  We all carry blame as we await our own Black Moon and watch, in the dark days preceding it, the dying flames of a civilisation that does not deserve to be mourned.  Too often we have forgotten how to care, and what matters, and most of all we have separated from the key spiritual principle that we are one with everything, part of all that is.

Despite the sadness of the destruction of what is so precious, The Black Moon this week, and as a metaphor for the new world that comes, is a time of hope.  It is remarkable how a few months has transformed global awareness of the imperatives relating to the well-being of Earth and all her creatures.  Gaia has mobilised her messengers, like Greta Thunberg and many others, and world leaders are being forced to prioritise the needs of the planet above all else due to the strength of public opinion, particularly of young people.

When their attention wanders, something occurs to remind them of their task: the destruction of so much that is precious in the Amazon rainforest, including wildlife and indigenous peoples, has been a big wake-up call that may result in a world-wide strategy for conservation and restoration in many parts of the world, not just Brazil.  The losses through fire may not have been in vain, appalling though they are to see, and forests can regrow, if they are allowed

The environmental conscience of so many people will strengthen and not diminish in the time to come, and the signs of change are everywhere.  Each of us has a responsibility for ensuring that the new era of planetary balance and respect is safely born and nurtured, and complacency is unacceptable.  It is a time for prayer, action, discernment and determination.

Let this Black Moon be a turning point to something good and the birth of what is much needed.  I will use it to thank the victims of the fires for their sacrifice, and to pray for their safe return.





2 thoughts on “Black Moon, Amazon Fire

  1. Hullo, Claire! 🙂

    Since the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation announced the existence of more than 77.000 fires in the Amazon rain forest last week, I’ve thought through how I can this rain forest and started taking action. I have also been in contact with others about this issue and been helping/working with them to save it.

    Suffice it to say that some of us are fired up and seeking to save the Amazon rain forest (every pun intended).



    • There are many unsung heroes like you, William, who are striving to help the Planet and who are achieving extraordinary results. It is clear, sadly, we need to hold our leaders’ feet to the fire still (pun intended!).

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“there is much angry red fire on Earth today.....”