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Brexit Seasons

Seasons are cycles, and like cycles they apply constantly in all situations.

It is remarkable that one of the threats identified by a No-deal Brexit is that we would be unable to have foods outwith the seasons of nature.

My heart sang when I heard this, for it is meaning that we would return to enjoying and honouring the fruits of nature in the most natural way, and, additionally, it would encourage us to eat locally and more freshly, and reduce food “miles” as well. There may be less choice, but we would be eating the harvest of our own land according to the natural rhythm of the land and the rhythm of our bodies.

Wherever we live in the world, to eat locally and seasonally is so important: we have been spoiled for too long, and it is good to be reminded of the perfection of the abundance that is given by the lands that we have chosen to be ours and from which we are inseparable.

Brexit too in its broader sense is a season in its own right – one where all who are affected are being forced now to confront questions of ethics, integrity, conditionality, wisdom and community. There are issues of constitutional right and political partisanship, of democracy and the role of Parliament, and of where power really lies. The season is reaching a climax of dangerous confusion and brinkmanship, and the next few days could deliver results that will have far-reaching consequences for the established nature of politics in the UK forever. It may be our second civil war. The ripples from the stone in the lake that is Brexit will spread far, and no easy outcome is possible.

Just as seasons bring vagaries of nature and weather, whether a hot dry summer or an icy winter, life is not meant to be easy all the time, and in the challenges of life and nature we have our greatest opportunities for growth and learning. To eat more simply and appreciatively because of Brexit is no hardship, and a greater blessing from a chaotic Brexit is that new definitions of political responsibility and representation will be demanded by a national community requiring to be heard and honoured. Brexit has brought anomalies and wrongs to full, unedifying light, and fundamental change to the status quo cannot now be avoided.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven….a time to break down and a time to build up…..”

Get ready, for it is time to to build our new, magnificent world.



4 thoughts on “Brexit Seasons

  1. Hello Claire,
    I heard about you today and just read your blog on Brexit!
    So good to read your words, you have restored my spiritual faith and courage in the face of our current challenges.
    Thank you.

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“to every thing there is a season…”