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Building-up to Wesak

In this build-up to Wesak, the spiritual birthday for the Planet and ourselves, a multitude of energies normally not felt by us are gathering so strongly they are almost visible.

It may be that, like me, your sleep patterns are disturbed by strange dreams or insomnia, even sounds in the night or strange shadows. People around you may be more emotional, reactive, and you yourself may veer between times of absolute clarity and others of a sad cloudiness. This is understandable at a time of year when what is hidden, including truth, becomes manifest.

More and more I am realising that we cannot hide who and what we are as once, perhaps, we could. Wesak precipitates the public shining of inner light and also shines its spotlight on those lesser qualities some may pretend do not exist – spiritual servers in particular. It is pointless to be other than we are and to not see the truth in others, remembering that judgment is pointless too.

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