Lessons from Mercury

Mercury ceases his retrograde movement on Thursday. His lessons, this time, have been very hard, clearing the way emphatically for the great new cycle that is on its way for all of us.

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How a Pig Proves the Truth of a Greek Myth

In California, a pig whose genes have been manipulated to prevent the development of its normal pancreas has been injected with human cells in an experiment to make it grow an organ suitable for a human transplant. The pig is known as a chimera.

In Greek mythology, a chimera is a female monster with the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a snake and for me the concept of altering the natural growth of animals in order for them to become part-human is indeed the stuff of nightmares. Where will it end?

Concerns about animal welfare and the possibility of viruses being transferred from creature to man have, rightly, been raised, but it has not prevented the continuation of these animal experiments. It is such a shame that the need for more transplant organs is encouraging scientific curiosity in ways that are cruel and unnecessary when there are other, kinder ways to increase the their supply  – such as requiring people to opt out of organ donation if they do not wish to be a donor, which is the common practice in the UK (except in Wales!) and other countries, and which greatly reduces organ availability, instead of having to opt in if they wish to give.

The practice of creating hybrids from different features of animals, humans, birds and even fish was common in the darker days of our history, culminating in Atlantis when the abuse was so great that God determined that it must stop, and that never again would this experimentation be allowed to occur. Its purpose then was for enslavement, sadistic gratification, and power: while there is apparent altruism in the Californian pig trials, if they are allowed to continue, undoubtedly other uses of animal chimeras will be found, some possibly not so well-intentioned.

The fall of Atlantis ended this exploitation of the weak and defenceless, and it is no coincidence, perhaps, that just as our science now begins to go beyond ethical boundaries, Earth is on the brink of major change. God watches, and when it is necessary, intervenes. This time, our games with life have gone too far.

(Image by George Chriss)


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The Gotthard Tunnel, and Ley Lines


The Gotthard Tunnel under the Swiss Alps was opened yesterday, linking northern and southern Europe in order to “revolutionise European freight transport”.

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Port Talbot – a Lesson in National Protection

The turmoil surrounding the steel industry in the UK, Port Talbot in particular, is a vivid but familiar example of what happens when a country’s assets are sold, or bargained away. The significance of what has occurred, however, is far more significant than it may appear.

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Music in Outer Space

Only now, some 50 years after the event, is it becoming public knowledge that the crew of Apollo 10, and then Apollo 11, heard strange sounds that they described as “outer-space-type music”.

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Gravitational Waves – Going beyond Light


With the intriguing proof of the existence of gravitational waves announced this week, we are entering a new era for astronomy, and also for our understanding of Spirit. It is about what lies beyond Light.

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Fracking – the Chase for Fool’s Gold?

Some years ago, before the Conservatives came to power, I saw George Osborne at a talk by James Lovelock on the environmental dangers facing the Planet.

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