Friday’s Full Moon to Change the World

It is no coincidence that these three months of 2017, April to June, and their full moons mark the high point of the spiritual year just as human life on Earth seems to be at its lowest point. From this polarisation must emerge change for great good.

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The Importance of Rhythm for Well-Being


The 7th Ray is about magic, about order, about ceremony and organisation, and about ritual – all descriptions that have different connotations depending on your viewpoint. Essentially, however, it is about rhythm.

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The Equinox, and Gaia’s Gifts


Equinoxes and solstices divide our year into neat quartiles, reminding us regularly of the seasons, of nature and the cosmos, and of the constant rhythm of the planet. They remind us of our ancestors and our past, and even in our mind-based, money-centred culture they make us wonder at their mystery, for we know they signify more than a new season, or the length of a day.

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A New Solar Eclipse, and the Song of Spirit


Sunday’s solar eclipse is important, particularly coming as it does so soon after the lunar eclipse two weeks ago. Again, it is about choice, and change, but in a very different way.

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The Last Supermoon


2016 has been remarkable for its lunar ending, when the last three months of the year have each been graced by a Supermoon.

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The Meaning of November

November can be a melancholy time, particularly for those of us in the northern hemisphere who watch the dying of summer and feel the imminence of winter. It is the dying of the year, wherever we are.

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The Message from October’s Full Moon


You choose your way, your path, your life with every breath, and October’s full moon arising on Sunday is a reminder to you of your absolute power to direct your human journey.

The way you are, the way your environment around you is, the relationships in your life, your work, your health – all reflect the choices you have made, and you may take all the credit for how it is.

full moonThere is no point in blaming others for your circumstances, easy and comforting though it is to do if you have financial pressures, or if you are in pain: others may contribute, reinforcing your wish to learn sometimes hard lessons about abusive behaviour, perhaps, betrayal or rejection, but you have opted to have them in your life for as long as you, and they, choose, and they can be your greatest teacher. You can decide, too, when the cycle of hardship becomes one of abundance.

Sometimes your human mind sets up a resistance to the intent of your soul, confusing and inhibiting the opportunities for change and growth; sometimes what you think is your choice is nothing of the sort, as you tell yourself you will lose weight today or leave your partner tomorrow – and it never happens because the risk is too great or the present reality is preferable to the effort that is necessary. It does not matter, except to you, for that is your choice.

This full moon of October with its compelling esoteric theme, “I Choose the Way” is a perfect time to ponder upon your life as it is today, a reflection of all the choices you have made not just in this present lifetime but in all your previous lifetimes. Is it as you wish it to be? What would you like to change? How can you do it? Are there stepping stones you can find to help you achieve your choice? How is your internal world?

If you harbour blame or bitterness towards certain individuals for their impact on your life, you may wish to reclaim those emotions and accept the reality that your life is as you have chosen to have it, and that they are helping you to achieve your aims.

So, choose your way well, consciously and wisely – and Spirit will help you, every step of the way.



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Lessons from Mercury

Mercury ceases his retrograde movement on Thursday. His lessons, this time, have been very hard, clearing the way emphatically for the great new cycle that is on its way for all of us.

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