Mexico, and the Power of the Gods


The human tragedy of the latest earthquake to shake Mexico reminds us of planetary secrets and the power of the Gods, if we choose to see.

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The Future of Life on Earth


Sir David Attenborough said yesterday, at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, “I feel better than ever about life on Earth.”

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Checking on the Night Shift

It was only last night that I learned, to my surprise and delight, that a hare is living in my garden.

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A July Full Moon of Material Rebirth

The full moon in July each year is significant for its emphasis on group rebirth and advancing the soul. In 2017, this Sunday, there is an urgency for the message to be heard and actioned. It is time.

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Grenfell Tower – a Fire without Reason

No-one with heart can fail to be moved by the Grenfell Tower fire in London. It is hard to imagine the horror of the fire for those caught up in it, and the audio-video recordings by people in the flats is almost too much to bear, particularly since so many of them are missing. They are tragic, possibly last, words.

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Easter, and the 7th Ray of Magic

In my last blog post, I wrote about how Easter concerns the resurrection of the soul. It is about endings and beginnings also – which is one reason why the full moon associated with Easter is of such significance.

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The Prophecy of the Two Suns

In recent weeks, certain scientists talked of the possibility of there being two suns influencing Earth. The flurry of interest in the evidence-based idea soon died – for now.

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Pearl Harbour: its Karma is our Future


Reminders of significant military milestones are strong at the moment. One hundred years ago a first, cruel, world war was raging, and seventy five years ago yesterday Japan bombed Pearl Harbour in the middle of, and escalating, a second terrible world war. How many people remember? What have we learned?

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A Time for Magic


In the very earliest time

When both people and animals lived on earth,

A person could become an animal if he wanted to

And an animal could become a human being…..

All spoke the same language.

That was the time when words were like magic.*

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