The Solstice Today, Your Day

The energy of a heatwave solstice change woke me early today, along with the pre-dawn song of blackbirds and the chatter of bats returning to their roosts under my windows. It feels momentous, infinite, rich and transitory, a day to remember but which in the human passage of time I am likely to forget. It does not matter.

The light comes up but it has no colour, yet all I see is a palate of shades of tree green and creamy blossom stirring in God’s breath; it is as if my house and human life do not exist, today, as the power and beauty of the natural world dominate all I see and feel. The sadness from fire and violence is comforted.

This is a precious time when human cares and imperatives and tragedies can be forgotten, just for a while, and it is a moment such as this that reminds me of the importance of enabling this blending of senses and Spirit through pausing and being. On this Solstice day, as the world around me sleeps, I feel the hand of God upon this sacred land and know it is on you, too; it is the touch of loving reassurance and a reminder that we are part of God’s plan and have work to do.

It is easy to get lost in the magic of spiritual practice or the mundanities of modern life, doing the one to avoid the other perhaps or just forgetting about the need to have both: the scales of balance between the two aspects of who you are may tip unevenly from time to time, but being aware and attentive will ensure an overall perfect equilibrium. Today, the Solstice, is the day of balance – the human and the spiritual and also of past and future to achieve a constant, abundant, fearless present which is forever.

If you can, today, let this be a day of balance and also harmony, when you appreciate the blessings of your humanity and feel, perhaps, the empowering presence of Spirit everywhere. It is a day to give thanks for the past and to look forward to the future, a day for endings and beginnings and trust. It is your day.


A guided meditation for the June Solstice, created and recorded by me in 2013, is available for you on the Free Channellings page of my website.






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Friday’s Full Moon to Change the World

It is no coincidence that these three months of 2017, April to June, and their full moons mark the high point of the spiritual year just as human life on Earth seems to be at its lowest point. From this polarisation must emerge change for great good.

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Wesak, the Day of the Buddha

At exactly 2142 GMT on 10th May 2017, the moon will be full, and the Buddha will appear to bestow His blessing on the world. It will be Wesak.

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Easter, and the 7th Ray of Magic

In my last blog post, I wrote about how Easter concerns the resurrection of the soul. It is about endings and beginnings also – which is one reason why the full moon associated with Easter is of such significance.

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Easter, and the Resurrection of your Soul

The Easter spiritual festival is special, for Easter is not only about the resurrection of Jesus, but it is also about the resurrection of the soul – your soul.

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The Equinox, and Gaia’s Gifts


Equinoxes and solstices divide our year into neat quartiles, reminding us regularly of the seasons, of nature and the cosmos, and of the constant rhythm of the planet. They remind us of our ancestors and our past, and even in our mind-based, money-centred culture they make us wonder at their mystery, for we know they signify more than a new season, or the length of a day.

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Another Solstice, Another Chance, Another Change

All solstices are special as a time when the planet is in temporal balance momentarily before the Sun alters its direction, but today’s June event is significant for occurring in this year of 2016, a year of major change and of continuing transition.

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The Message of Wesak, for You

Wesak is known for being the most important of the Buddhist festivals, celebrating the birthday of Buddha and marking his enlightenment and his death. For me, Wesak is much more than that, and it has significance for all souls everywhere.

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Respecting your Dreams

The opportunity to dream is precious, and many people underestimate the significance of dreaming for our health, wellbeing and spirituality. Doctors stress the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, but do not recognise that the problems deriving from insomnia stem as much from lost dreaming time as from the more conventional explanations of stress, diet and lifestyle.

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