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A Full Moon for Humanity

Another Full Moon – but so special, since the cycle of divine closeness is at its strongest now as the third and last of the great annual spiritual festivals approaches – the Festival of Humanity, the Christ Festival, which takes place, this year, on 29thst May.

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Wesak, and Buddha’s Return

As you read my words, we are close to the time when the full moon is in Taurus; the time that is known as Wesak; the time when we are enabled to be at our closest to spirit, to God, to the source of all that is.

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An Easter Trinity


Esoterically speaking, the Easter Full Moon is fixed by its association with the Vernal Equinox and the sign of Aries – it is known too as the Aries Full Moon, and this year it falls on 31st March, which also happens to be the first day of Passover.

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A Winter Spring Equinox


Tomorrow is a special day as the planet celebrates her total balance in light with the advent of the Vernal Equinox, a day welcomed by many in the northern hemisphere as the harbinger of warmth, sunshine and rebirth. This year, unusually, the icy fingers of winter grip my world and that of many others still, reminding us to take nothing for granted particularly where nature is concerned. Surprise is the keyword in these unpredictable times.

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The Coronation, and the Seventh Ray


The Coronation, shown on the BBC and elsewhere last night, was filled with unspoken reference to the Seventh Ray, and ancient spiritual rites, and it gave me great pleasure over and above it being a fascinating documentary on a great ceremony and the Crown Jewels.

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A Wolf Supermoon for the New Year


It is rare that the first day of a new year is accompanied by a full moon, and rarer still that it is a Supermoon: in the first hours of 2018, this great cosmic gift is given to us.

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Halloween, a Day of Remembrance

Halloween,on Tuesday, is one of the oldest spiritual festivals, and deserving to be remembered – properly.

Its origins go back to the Celtic festival of Samhain (summer’s end), but there are links also to the festival of the dead known as Parentalia and also Hallowtide when the saints are honoured and the spirits of the dead are prayed for. It is the time when magic is abroad and the ephemeral dimensions mingle with our third dimensional reality, and it deserves to be honoured for the sacred nature of this annual marker.


Halloween 1833 in Ireland

Halloween has been trivialised over recent years and become more of a spooky celebration for children than anything else, its Celtic roots ignored. Remember, however, that just as leylines are created and strengthened by the march of thousands of pilgrims over centuries, so too the consistent celebration of ancient spiritual festivals embeds their meaning and power into the energies of earth and in the psyche of man. The memory of the true Halloween lives on in all of us, even if our minds have forgotten.

For me, living in my Celtic sanctuary of mountains and water, this day is important in my spiritual calendar. I will remember the great men and women who have striven to bring spirituality to earth since it was first seeded; the souls of the departed and in particular the souls of those making their way Home now. I will remember the Beings, once souls themselves, who work so hard to help us through our great transition, and I will remember the souls of those who have helped me personally, human and animal and more besides. I will give thanks for the magic of this great adventure of Life and will honour the Mystery.

These are extraordinary times and the day of Halloween is an extraordinary day, truly deserving of remembrance by all awakened souls. Even souls that are awake can forget, however – even you? Perhaps this time you will remember.


Painting by Daniel Maclise


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This Harvest Moon – Choose your Way Well

You choose your way, your path, your life with every breath, and the Full Moon sitting esoterically in the sign of Libra this week is a reminder to you of your absolute power to direct your human journey.

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A very Feminine September Full Moon


As I await the coming of the September Full Moon on Wednesday, I will be glad when the dominant presence of the Moon Priestess retreats and her mood changes, hopefully though improbably to be softer and kinder.

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