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Counting our Blessings

Blessings come in many forms, and at this critical time in our world history it helps to remember that amidst the uncertainties and challenges confronting us every day much is happening that is good.

Sometimes blessings are hard to see, but they always are there, sometimes juxtaposed directly next to a “curse”, to highlight that there is hope, and that however bad or sad is humanity, the light of Spirit is there always, outweighing everything else.

Today, for example, two reports about the environment have come out, one saying that one third of the world’s protected lands is being degraded by human activity, while the other, happier, finding is by the European Court of Justice which has backed a near complete ban on the use of three insecticides suspected as being fatal to bees, to the great concern of giant chemical companies and farmers but the relief of bee keepers and environmentalists. To lose our bees would be to lose ourselves.

However hard life may seem, a blessing can be found even in the midst of tragedy to give us comfort. You may be mourning the unexpected death of a loved one when an owl, the soul’s escort, calls to you outside your window to tell you that you are not alone, and that all is well; a child, horribly and shockingly, is killed by fire – but the baptism by fire is an initiation of the highest order; you lose your money, and the opportunity to start again leads to new opportunities, new wisdom and a new life. Blessings may only be seen with hindsight sometimes, but they always are there.

It is easy to get fearful for the future of our world, with unsustainable population growth and wildlife under threat, with increasingly erratic politics and the threat of a technology takeover impacting our privacy and even survival. My conviction that all will be well because of the planetary change I see under-way sustains me through gloomy news: it is nature in particular, that great repository of and home to Spirit, that helps keep me in trust.

When I see, year after year, the swallows returning to nest in my garage and the wild cowslips appearing in all their golden glory, I know that whatever the sad suffering elsewhere, nature still is strong, and will be stronger still when we are gone. It is my great blessing, and yours, and I am so very grateful to have it.

I remember my blessings of the day every day: often they are very simple, but they remind me of what is important, and what, really, does not matter. It a practice I recommend to you, with all my heart.



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“Blessings come in many forms”