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Enlightenment and the Return of the Christ

This is the time of enlightenment, when humanity as a whole and we as individuals are brought to a conscious understanding of the truth. It is recognised, too, as the highest and final spiritual state it is possible for us to achieve as human beings, and gaining enlightenment brings a stop to the turning of the wheel of reincarnation. The soul has learned everything, and is merged with Spirit.

The new age of Aquarius gives us the opportunity to progress in our soul searching for enlightenment, and even, for some, to reach it. Our challenge is to overcome the temptations of desire and materialism, of selfishness, and of separatism within our community, and to practise simplicity and generosity of spirit with wisdom and with love: we are helped in this by the Christ, Meitreya, whose return to Earth has been foretold by spiritual leaders and teachers for thousands of years, and which is imminent.

The Christ will show us how to create Heaven on Earth, how to be the link between the divine and the Planet, and what it means to live simply. He or She will teach us what is unnecessary and what to give up, including some of the structures that have supported global democracy and belief systems for many decades. It is no coincidence that Donald Trump is expected, in his visit to Europe this week, to question the role of Nato and the balance of contribution within it. It may be, too, in months to come that the UN is challenged to defend itself, and the EU may find itself fighting for its survival in its present form very soon. The ground supporting the establishment is shaking, as here and there imbalance or inequity – or even incompetence – is discussed publicly, shockingly, and often unanswerably.

President Trump is not the Meitreya, but he and all those who are unafraid to question the status quo are helping prepare the way for the return of the Christ without, no doubt, intending so to do! Good judgment and good intent are key qualities in achieving enlightenment, and the human motivation behind the demands for global or institutional change by world leaders or peoples is sometimes questionable, even if the results are refreshing. They are showing us a world that is being re-shaped as conventional beliefs are scrutinised and found wanting, and it brings discomfort for many already. The impact on society and the individual is profound as we search for answers to difficult questions and perhaps try to ignore the evidence of great change coming, even though there is nothing to fear.

The Christ, meanwhile, draws closer, the true teacher of enlightenment and the great revolutionary. How truly lucky we are.



2 thoughts on “Enlightenment and the Return of the Christ

  1. Intreasting… I feel Trump is the `whipping boy` at present and people cant stop blaming him for everything…Its like they are obsessed with him. He isnt establishment & goes against the grain, right or wrong? debatable….hes here for a grand purpose, ultimatly for change. lets face it no other president has stirred up so much press & controversy for donkeys years….

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“The soul has learned everything, and is merged with Spirit”