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Geo-Engineering Changing our Weather – Déjà vu Atlantis?

Reminders of the fall of Atlantis, caused by monstrous experimentation with nature, are all around us, and it may be that geo-engineering is the most earth changing of them all.

Geo-engineering is the practice whereby scientists attempt to manipulate the weather by introducing chemicals into the stratosphere. The justification is that it will mitigate the effects of climate change benignly, but the truth is that it could undermine the planetary eco-system potentially disastrously, and have serious implications for human and animal health: it is using nature for power.

geo-engineering?Not much is said or known publicly about ongoing geo-engineering programmes, most of which occur in the US, often secretly it is said, but evidenced through chemtrails lingering in the sky. I cannot help wondering how far the extraordinary weather patterns of recent years in the States, and elsewhere, can be linked to manipulation of our weather: America has had extremes of heat, floods, tornadoes and fires and even in the UK our seasons have become topsy turvy over a very short period of time; meanwhile tree disease is a major problem worldwide and, of course, our bees and other insects are in decline. Climate change is blamed for these problems, but man is known to contribute to them too, possibly to a greater degree than is understood now.

So many secrets are being exposed – and it is the time for truth. It may be a whistle-blower will come forward to say publicly what is being allowed or required to be done by governments to control our planetary resources, and the revelations of what is planned or at least possible may be shocking. I do not know, but I am concerned, particularly as I remember Atlantis.

2 thoughts on “Geo-Engineering Changing our Weather – Déjà vu Atlantis?

  1. G’day, Claire!

    The issue of Atlantis . . . Ah, yes! This was something that Edgar Cayce channelled much about. What seems to be happening is the karma of Atlantis is coming round for resolution, something that has apparently been accelerating since the late 1960’s when part of the Bimini Road was discovered. And let us not forget the Bermuda Triangle.

    From what seems to be going on, instead of resolution there are quite a few metaphorical gerbils still on their metaphorical treadmills.

    • Thank you, William. Yes, so many similarities to Atlantis, and of course our world is reliving in a modern sense the patterns and tests of Atlantis. Karma indeed.

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