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I invite you to remember how it was and how you were when Earth was young, and so were you.

Life was simple then, and initially, as you moved easily between the planes of human life and ephemeral spirit in those early days, you had a grace and lightness that gave you a body without weight and a mind without judgment. You were the epitome of a free soul without hindrance or limitation until the burden of human learning brought the veil of oblivion over you.

As the Planet went through great shifts and storms, extremes of climate and mass extinctions in her quest for tranquillity and spiritual achievement, so too did you, for your story parallels hers. The difference has been that Gaia never forgot her purpose, her raison d’être, while you did. Many people do not understand, still, and it may be there is a little more for you, too, to remember. The time when the veil is fully lifted is close.

In a modern context once again we are living through tempests, with fires, floods, plagues, famine, earthquakes and social unease embedded in planetary and human life. Another mass extinction is possible involving not so much the natural world but humanity: we are in danger of killing our race through over-population and our unrelenting demand for precious and scarce planetary resources. Our dependence on technology and willingness to let it control us may contribute to our downfall also, just as it did in the last days of Atlantis.

History repeats itself, and while many of the low points of our story are being relived now – true karma in tangible action -, so too the high points are present with more to come. It is as if we are stumbling around fearfully in a dark cloud, grabbing what we can and all too ready to fight or argue while all we have to do is blow gently and the cloud will dissipate, to reveal a breathtaking light-filled world of harmony and beauty that has been there for us all the time. We have Heaven on Earth all around us, but blinded by maya we cannot, will not, see it.

So many of the great learnings of history experienced through many civilisations are being experienced now in a tiny point of time, just a couple of decades not millennia this time. Every event has importance as a reminder of our past, as a lesson about our responsibility and as a promise for the future. Just as Earth survived shocks before, so she will again, and this is humanity’s opportunity to learn from the past and the present in order to create, or reclaim, something new and wonderful.

The young Earth of your beginnings is older now, a little weary and still wise. Your soul has seen many challenges over its long and painful journey and has brought you to where you stand today. The greatest test is before you, and how you choose to respond to fundamental change will determine if you achieve the prize of being one with God, so light your feet hardly touch the ground as you soar between dimensions and cherish a sacred life on Earth once again.

This time, this world, this culmination has been your goal for ever: do not squander it, for it is very, very precious. It can lead to your immortality, which is the greatest prize of all.

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