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In the Light of the Moon, for Wesak

Since 14th April, we have experienced a lunar and a solar eclipse, the powerful Easter Full Moon and a Cardinal Grand Cross – and to compound further this extraordinary situation, we await Wesak on 14th May, next week – exactly a month of intense cosmic activity that is affecting our world, your world, profoundly.

The light has changed. I am a witness to it every night as I walk among the trees and waters before going to bed: even when the nights are clouded and there is no moon, conditions when it should be inky black darkness, a silvery luminosity lights my way and I can see as clearly as if it were day. Bats and other night animals are visible as if a spotlight is on them, and I have no need of any torch. In daylight there is a clarity to the light which I have never seen before, highlighting every distant ridge and shadow in the mountains around me with shades and colours, drawing them close and letting them speak, when they are ready.

The light of the Moon

The light of the Moon

Each night, and day, the light changes more, and it may be that it is building to a climax for Wesak, that great spiritual celebration when Buddha returns to bless Earth and humanity with the love of God. His return, just once a year, releases higher energies to help us on our journey, and in this year of change it is not surprising if the potency of this event is greater than it ever has been.

I will write more about Wesak as the day approaches, and will provide a new special meditation to mark it, too. Meanwhile, look at the light and see it for what it is – a beacon of hope and transformation, and the promise of great events to come.


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