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Judgment on Harry

The unkinder side of being human is on display prominently as press and public judge Prince Harry on his Las Vegas party. No doubt he too judges himself, harshly and with regret.

Certainly, there may have been a lack of wisdom and good “judgment” in the way he chose to relax with people he scarcely knew, but Prince Harry’s impetuosity, humour and love of life  – his ability to be, unashamedly, himself – is what endears him to many people, and far beyond the UK.

To pillory anyone, let alone a prince, is never justifiable, particularly when he has earned great respect for his dedication to his charitable work and to his country. His intent, like yours and mine, is the key to his conduct: it seems, in Las Vegas, that his intent was to have a private holiday before returning to military duty, but events got out of hand and he was betrayed, no doubt for payment for the infamous photographs.

Judgement can be very one-sided, and it is always unattractive particularly when accompanied by prurient gossip. I hope people start to remember all that he has achieved, and to remember that the learnings from this incident are likely to ensure that such an embarrassment for Harry will never occur again.

One thought on “Judgment on Harry

  1. Quite agree. After all he is still a young man growing up and having fun. No one should have their private life splashed all over the papers or Internet. Shame on the person who sold him out.

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