Love is the Epiphany of God


The monk and spiritual writer Thomas Merton wrote with humility and authority about the importance of knowing God, and of seeing God within and without us, in the perfect beauty of nature and in our blood and being. His words exude love, and through those words of poetry and inspiration he leads us to the presence of the divine.

Our lack of belief in the truth that God is with us, all around, always, separates us from the most important gift that can be offered to us: huddled within ourselves we despair of ourselves as we believe, so erroneously, that our value is limited to our humanity. How would we feel about ourselves if we knew that the essence of God runs through our veins and permeates our souls? What would we do if we acknowledged to ourselves that we are so much more than we see in the mirror? Would we start to love ourselves, for the love of God?

Epiphany of God


Love is the key to everything. When we give love unconditionally, we are seeing the great goodness of God within that person, and through this knowing we can inspire them to believe in themselves and value themselves as a perfect fusion of physicality and spirituality – and they, in their turn, can do the same to us.

The gift of unconditional love can be unwelcome and unwanted, but necessary in order to dissipate the threads of self-belief that keep us in our poverty of beingness; sometimes the most loving acts are those that reveal unbecoming but very human aspects of ourselves to ourselves, in order to help us move out of them and into the Light of God.

Love does not always seem kind, but true love has kindness at its heart always: letting frailties fester unnecessarily keeps us in the prison of separation of our unconscious creation, and a loving friend will know this, for………

………..“it is my love for my lover, my child, my brother, that enables me to show God to him or her in himself or herself. Love is the epiphany of God in our poverty”. (Thomas Merton)




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