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Mandela, and a powerful Supermoon Solstice

It has been a breathtakingly intense weekend as the Solstice, Full Moon and Supermoon combined together to touch each of us perfectly.

The energetic power of the astronomical conjunction caused largely sleepless nights for me with brief strong dreams: in them, friends long gone returned to talk to me, far more vital and vibrant than I had known them to be in human life, wonderfully happy but interested still in my world – and hinting at great changes to come, soon, as, in one dream, a handful of money notes turned to worthless crumpled paper and blades of long grass heads in my hand.

full moonIt was symbolic of our time and this weekend of change, days and nights when many souls chose to begin their journey Home once more. It is no coincidence that Nelson Mandela’s condition has worsened at this time, and it may be, indeed, that his soul is starting to leave its valiant shell – for the parting of soul from body often begins hours or even days before the pronouncement of death. This can be a beautiful, poignant, timeless time of farewell and blessing, and of love, and it is important not to allow human grief and personal desire to impede the process of something very wonderful.

In South Africa, the people are being asked to pray for Mandela, and millions elsewhere who respect this statesman will wish to do so also: it is important, for the sake of his soul, to pray for his well-being certainly, but not to pray for his recovery if the power of the prayers might hold him back.

Wherever he is, however he is, I wish him well.

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