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Mexico, and the Power of the Gods


The human tragedy of the latest earthquake to shake Mexico reminds us of planetary secrets and the power of the Gods, if we choose to see.

It is extraordinary to think that Mexico City is built upon an old, vast lake bed that still is so wet that the tremors of any earthquake creates great waves underground, causing the structures above to sway in rhythm with the waves and then, often, to fall, with great devastation. Many, many places on Earth similarly lie upon streams and rivers, fissures and gases, and any even small disturbance can easily destabilise the land above and bring about a serious reminder of the power of the land.

Power of the GodsThe increasing frequency of earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding and even of sinkholes, reminds us that we are temporary tenants of the Planet. No area of population anywhere is invulnerable to the effects of nature, and we are reminded of this starkly as Caribbean and American communities begin to rebuild what has been shattered by the breath of Irma or Maria, knowing meanwhile that another hurricane could destroy it all again. Mexico, too, must be wondering how it is possible to withstand the next earthquake, in the knowledge there certainly will be one. Whatever we build, and wherever we do it, the Planet can destroy it if she chooses: this is not the time for complacency.

Too often we have taken for granted that we can do what we want with Earth, and it will be alright. We build houses, new cities, on flood plains; we undermine her foundations through fracking and drilling; we pollute her waters with plastics; we destroy her protective skin as we tear down her forests; we plunder her resources; and weigh her down with too many people.  Gods guard the lands and the waters, also the air, and when there is the need, the Gods speak: the Gods speak now.

The Gods are the custodians of secrets too, many of which lie hidden deep within the oceans and the great waters beneath the land. They will be revealed when the time is right, and when we are ready – we are not ready now.

As this autumn and winter progress there will be more and more demonstrations of the breath and muscle of the Gods, sometimes so mighty it will be hard to comprehend and even harder to resolve. While we help and comfort as best we can, while we pray for those who suffer, it is important we remember that we ourselves are guardians, and do what we can to honour the place, the land which gives us our home and safety, and to give thanks to the Gods for it, for however long we are allowed to be there.

At this time of the Equinox, it is particularly appropriate to remember the wonders and secrets in Gaia’s world, and to honour them, with love.

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