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New Beginnings

As one year turned into another, a wild heather in my garden came into bloom, beautifully and in celebration of new beginnings. I wondered then what it thinks and what it knows, in its wisdom, of what is to come?

The consciousness of nature is deep and infinite, and while she lives timelessly, forever present, she is aware of danger and sanctuary, threats and promises, and what lies ahead for her planetary home. Nature knows her greatest enemy is humanity, but despite this she continues her valiant efforts to give us all we need to live and be pleased, for now.

The new year has begun with significant developments in space exploration. It is extraordinary and awe inspiring to view images of aspects of the Cosmos that have never been seen by man before, but disheartening to know that the new interest in the moon, for example, is based on a determination to exploit her riches. A space race is under way, and it is not for altruistic reasons.

The saddest aspect of the drive to conquer space is the underlying belief that Earth is coming to the end of her usefulness as a home for humans and that, having taken her resources, contaminated her energy and over-populated her, it soon will be time to find other places to sustain us. Gaia knows this, and yet continues to express her love for all who occupy her body through the gifts of nature that are her expression of being.

She watches the children snatching and grabbing what they want, knowing it is futile and that there will be tears before bedtime.  She knows when to put a stop to the games, when they have gone too far, and she knows when a firm hand will be necessary to put a stop to the nonsense. Like Nanny, Gaia is in charge of our planet, and other great beings too are in control of the great cosmic infinity.

Perhaps that is why the heather in my garden smiles and nods in her flowery beauty as this new year begins: she knows the future, and she knows all will be well.



2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. I know, Claire, that this planet is in acute psychological distress. I also know that one thing I do every single day is to spend time de-manifesting the pollution here, in the air, in the water and in the land.



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“……in celebration of new beginnings”