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New Year Reflections

“Remember that the past has a soul, honour it” a friend of mine was told by Spirit recently. At this turn of the year and cycle it is a perfect time so to do.

The winds of change are blowing hard and it is no coincidence that here in my Welsh rural sanctuary this is so literally: it is stormy today with much rain and a gale shaking and The winds of changedislodging any branch it can find. It is like the breath of God, dispelling old energy once and for all in order to bring clarity and space, and opportunity. How can the new spiritual order, the Christ Consciousness, enter our world if it is filled with the detritus of the past?

As I watch the arrival of 2013, today and tomorrow, I will remember also the departure of the past – 2012 and all that went before it, ever. That past has created my present and my future and so while much of the past may drop away now, that which no longer serves, the imprint of the past will remain with me for ever. For that past time to have a soul is a beautiful concept, and I give heart-felt thanks to it as it moves on to become pure light.

We share the past, you and I, and we walk a common path based on learning, service and love. It is the foundation of the Plan of God, and that Plan is our purpose. The next year will be one of disentanglement, re-orientation and the unexpected, with the potential for great events and revelation: enjoy the year with every part of your being as you stand witness to and participant in the new world. It is the time for joy, and pride in a job well done.

I wish you so very, very well for 2013.

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