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Our Changing World of Knowledge, Echoes of Atlantis

The latest medical discoveries are extraordinary, and as they continue to develop – as they will – ethical considerations and issues of human choice with profound spiritual implications will confront us. Our changing world of knowledge may precipitate our hardest challenges since the days of Atlantis.

In this week alone we have heard about the ability to read the complete genetic code in any body, meaning that you and I may know of every medical predisposition which is likely to affect us in our lifetime, even down to how and when we will die.  The aim, of course, is to discover potential weakness and deal with them early, and while the thought of having a fit and healthy body for a very long lifetime sounds attractive at first, for me it is superseded by my belief that the body and its strengths and frailties are a reflection of the health of the soul, and that its genetic make up has been put together perfectly and deliberately in order to assist my human learnings and experience.

So, I would not wish to have medical intervention to such an extent that the plans of soul and Spirit were unravelled, and nor would I wish to know all that lay before me, physically, preferring to deal with ill-health in the moment, according to spiritual intent. But, that is me……and that would be my choice, not necessarily yours.

When I tweeted briefly about all of this, someone reminded me that it is reminiscent of Atlantis, and indeed it is. Towards the end of the great Atlantean era, scientists took research and experimentation to dangerous degrees that used to be unimaginable to our world, but which are not extraordinary now as we see human and animal cloning, the ability to read minds with machines, the development of ever more deadly toxins which could destroy Earth, and total manipulation of our mental and physical development.

Knowledge can be a dangerous thing, as they say, and one of our biggest challenges is knowing when to say no to more, and what. Keeping life simple is good.

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