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Reminders of Change, for the EU and for You

Whatever happens in the world is a reminder to you and me about our own lives and soul journey, and the crisis in the EU over the appointment of Jean Claude Juncker and questions over the future direction of the EU are not abstract matters of arcane politics, but very relevant issues for every one of us to consider.

Essentially, the disagreement that was stimulated by David Cameron over the leadership of the EU was about remaining locked in the past or embracing a new era of expansion and advancement. It was about reality and illusion, and it was about a choice between honesty and procrastination, also political expediency and complacency versus wise though hard decisions for the greater good. EU leaders have chose someone who is an establishment figure, likely to reinforce the old bureaucratic juggernaut not embrace the change that is part of the new age of Europe: they have chosen the past and not the future, while ignoring the reality of the present.

Europe and the Bull

Europe and the Bull

That is your choice, too, and mine. I see so many people clinging on to their past, desperate for the security which comes from familiarity to continue, whether it is through a regular income, a relationship, work, where they live, and home comforts. Even if the relationship is abusive, the job is gruelling and they have difficult neighbours, their attachments create a fear of change that makes it impossible for them to make their lives better through moving on. They forget that change is occurring all the time, and if they do not change with this change, then change will be forced upon them. It applies to you, and me, too.

It applies within the EU and in all institutions anywhere in the world. Change is here and visible in the crumbling global economy, the disintegration of the Middle East, the growing refugee crisis that will affect us all more and more, and outdated democratic systems that benefit the rich and penalise the poor. The world is changing because of the actions of man, and despite the actions of man: meanwhile, God watches and laughs and loves, and awaits the greatest change of all.


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