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Saturn and the Supermoon

The Full Moon on Monday will not only be when she is at her closest to Earth, but as she disappears behind our planetary home she will glow fiery red.

For the UK at least, this will be her last appearance as a Blood Supermoon for ten years. If the night is clear, the brilliance of the moonlight will be dimmed and the world will become quiet as the night birds and creatures of the dark will be silenced in the moments of inter-dimensional transition.

It will be significant and meaningful as all astronomical and astrological alignments always are. The influence of Saturn, the taskmaster, will be strong on Monday, reminding us of portals to worlds far beyond us, of our choices as to which world we wish to inhabit, and of our boundaries relating to our humanity and our soul as well as those to do with life. Saturn, too, is about crises, seeing them without fear but with gratitude for the healing which will come by their resolution. Crisis, indeed, is everywhere, and for good reason.

The message of this Full Moon is about the importance of balance and realignment, about using this time to take stock of ourselves and to see where we need to recalibrate our physicality and our spirituality, and our common sense. The powerful energy of a Supermoon aligned with Saturn will enhance the vibrational pull of Mother Moon; Saturn will shout not whisper her counsel and he will dazzle your eyes to ensure you see everything she wants you to do. On Monday, hear her, see her, and feel her, for she will not be this close to you again, in this way, for a long time.

Saturn, the gatekeeper between the worlds of shadow and of light, will throw his arrows of challenge into the full, red moonlight and into you, strengthening the beat of the message of Mother Moon to ensure it is unmissable. He will tell you about you, about choices, about the state of the world and about being ready for the new world that is being born now.

If you are lucky, he will show you the golden grid of Light that covers Earth, every point of Light a soul, one point of Light – you. Look, and you may see it, your star, your point of Light, a star that is brighter than anything else in the night sky, enhanced by a Supermoon like no other.

Raise your consciousness, meet the challenge, and see the present and the future with the eyes of the Mother.



4 thoughts on “Saturn and the Supermoon

  1. HI Claire, it’s been a long time since I left a comment on your blog and I just wanted to thank you for this one. As is the way of things, Steve and I are beginning a new project and somehow this blood supermoon feels portentious – I have no idea why, but I guess that will reveal itself in time.

  2. Hello Claire,

    Gosh, what a fabulous full moon that was! Very close to us, and holding such depth of meaning. I am still reeling.
    I am always excited to read your blog and especially when the full moon comes around. Your information hits the mark being so helpful of where to focus the moon energy. Thank you.
    Recalibration it is and, as you say, reflected in all walks of life, including the democratic processes of government.
    I found it wonderful to see the pleasure people all over the world took in the sight of this Blood Full Moon. It even seemed to temporariy eclipse the angst over Brexit!

    • How kind of you to write, Rita, and thank you for your wise comments.
      Sadly the moon was obscured in Wales, but I saw it rise and sink in great beauty, and felt the power of the energy of it all. How lovely that it was clear on the other side of our island!

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“....raise your consciousness, meet the challenge.....”