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Scientists Changing Nature

Where and as I write now, green woodpeckers are yaffling in the oak trees around me as kites, ravens and buzzards circle around my home looking for breakfast to feed mates sitting on their eggs; it is a calm frosty morning, the prelude to a timeless spring day in this old and sacred Upper Wye valley in Wales.

It is nature at its best and most honest, and when nature is allowed to be itself undisturbed by the intervention of Man, the global balance is perfect. For many thousands of years, however, man has interfered and while to a degree the intervention was necessary for survival, much of what was done was thoughtless and careless and certainly essentially selfish. Despite this the Planet has survived, still graceful, still dignified, but suffering now in her wounded beauty.

I have written before about the power of nature and how Gaia is, in the end, stronger than her human tenants, and how extremes of weather conditions are a karmic reminder of the duality which separates us from Her and so from Spirit. It will serve us to remember the Law of Karma as scientists undertake dangerous geo-engineering experimentation to try to change the climate, including putting out dust particles into the atmosphere to mimic the effect of volcanic eruptions, and pumping seawater into the air to cool the planet. The intent is to reduce global warming, in particular the loss of Arctic ice, but the outcome could mean that the temperatures on Earth could increase rather than decrease, bringing about exactly what is feared will happen, and very rapidly.

Scientists tried to change, control nature in Atlantis, with memorable results and it is no coincidence that we find ourselves yet again in a parallel situation now.  Global warming is due both to the actions of humanity in recent years and also to the cycles of nature herself, changing constantly just as we do. By accepting the situation as it is today and doing what we can to adapt to it  – crop conversion, for example, or protection measures against rising sea levels – rather than trying to change nature forcefully, we will be honouring Gaia and co-operating with her rather than fighting Her. Make no mistake, if a fight occurs, Gaia will win.

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