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Solar Flares and Pressures on our Planet

It is no coincidence that in the 24 hours of a major storm over the UK there were 4 solar flares of extraordinary intensity, each one equivalent to the explosion of a billion hydrogen bombs.

The last flare was at dawn yesterday: the weather on Tuesday had deteriorated during the day as the strong northerly winds and rain intensified until, here where I live in mid-Wales, the waters fell like hard bullets and a month’s worth of rain cascaded down in a day. I went to bed as it drummed down and winds howled around the house like a pack of miserable dogs, and when I awoke at first light after an uncomfortable night I looked out on snowy mountains and flooded meadows with the great River Wye in full spate.

Sunrise in WalesMany other parts of this small overcrowded island suffered extremes of weather also, and I believe it was brought about by the solar flares. We can expect more as the Sun reaches the climax of its 11 year cycle this year, though no-one is able to say when they will occur. Just as the flares this week were unexpected, so will be those to come; even though we will not know their date, we can assume they will be massive.

Scientists speak of solar eruptions affecting satellites and communication systems, but say little of their impact on the weather and our environment. Some “maverick” meteorologists plot weather patterns through the activity of the Sun, with some accuracy even though their work is ridiculed by their peers. They claim that recent extreme weather patterns such as floods, drought and harsh snows all are caused by the Sun, and I believe them. The impact is another aspect of climate change, and it seems that our beautiful Planet is being buffeted by the vagaries of the Sun and also the carelessness of man. It is a dangerous combination, particularly when man chooses not to see.

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of Spiritual Wisdom.

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  1. And in the midwestern U.S., temperatures are warmer than usual for this time of year. That means running the air conditioning – more for my cats than myself.

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