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Solstice and Service

Friday’s Solstice brings to an end a long cycle of intense learning in which you were asked to remember and execute a pledge made before time began.

The pledge related to your spiritual service and your part in the Plan of God. All you have done, all your choices and experiences, have been determined in the context of that pledge. You are at the point now when you have fulfilled what you were asked to do, to this point, but with much more yet to be done.

This coming Solstice, therefore, marks the completion of a major stage in your School of Learning, and it is no coincidence that it occurs within hours of a significant full moon which, in esoteric terms, is about reaching one goal and then moving on to the next. The message to you is emphatic, and I encourage you to hear it with a willing heart.

You may wish to see this Solstice as the true ending of the year of 2018, and as being your New Year. It is a perfect time to reflect on what has been, with gratitude for the blessings of lessons well learned, of many achievements, of progressing your soul journey so very well, and for the community of souls you have gathered about you. It is a perfect time, too, to remind yourself that you are, still, in spiritual service, even if the labels of definition are elusive and you do not know for sure what it means.

Whatever it is, your service is about to accelerate as the new cycle comes into being, and you will feel yourself more and more being prepared for action as the great events you have been waiting for come ever closer to fulfilment. You will be a witness to increasing chaos in the human world, but you will know, as you watch, that the foundations of your spiritual world are unshakeable, and that the breaking down of the status quo is needed in order to make way for what is to come.

As I prepare for the Solstice and the new era, I have no fear for the future for I know with all my being that, with your help, this period of global uncertainty will give birth to a new world order centred on peace and on love. That is your pledge, and that is your service, and that is your goal.

Happy Solstice………  and I send you my love and every good wish at this very special time of celebration and remembering.



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