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Solstice Choice

This great year of great events sees its second high point at the time around the June Solstice, and you can feel, as you watch your world, the inexorable erosion of the foundations of human society that is part of this. When foundations crumble, light and space emerge.

It is remarkable how quickly the process of transition to the new order is occurring: in just three months, long established values have been overturned as well as attitudes to life and priorities. More fundamentally, how each of us is reacting now to momentous, shocking occurrences is indicative of choices we made long ago and have made more recently about our own human and spiritual future, choices that are the most significant since your soul journey began. The extremes of human nature are on stark display, and wherever you look you can see great kindness or great selfishness, the desire to help or to obstruct, wise discernment or a rush to critical judgment, gratitude or complaint, and a desire for the greatest good or political or personal opportunism.

Remember, the last days of Atlantis are being re-played on Earth now and you were there then, as you are here now. The choices I outlined above were the same in that other time: your choices too, and very importantly, were whether to be free or be controlled through technology and political will, and whether you were willing for your soul to be controlled as part of it. It may be that shadows of this dark intent will fall over Earth again in the struggle for the nature of the new world, but it does not have to be this way. Atlantis fell but was saved. Our foundations shake, but beneath them the light of the new world shines bright indeed.

While many people are stoically accepting and understanding the multiplicity of dilemmas and attempts at solutions, a tide of anger is sweeping through the world unleashing social unrest that will challenge law and order and the established mores of life as well as precipitating further challenges relating to viruses and other aspects of wellbeing. It will be interesting to observe if and how far this further undermining of the old civilisation will result in a conflict between the perceived need for measures of societal control and enlightened libertarianism in the weeks and months to come.

Just as you go through a spiritual initiation at key points on your soul and life journey, so too does humanity and Gaia. Sometimes they coincide, and the coming Solstice can be seen as a major initiation for all of us, particularly as it is accompanied by a powerful solar eclipse and Mercury in retrograde. An initiation is a beginning, the start of a new phase of growth and learning and of evolution epitomised very often by test and challenge, and so it will be for this Solstice time.

It may take a few days for the symbols of the Solstice to manifest, but they will, and it will serve to take nothing for granted about the way of the world to come. It is being dismembered, by us, but will come back together in a new and sacred form. Remember Atlantis, and choose well.

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