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Reaping what you sow – karma in action in Gaza and Israel

My heart aches for the innocent who have chosen to be at the heart of the storm which rages around Israel and Gaza: they teach and they learn while they suffer.

The Middle East itself has been a teacher for thousands of years, showing us through its history and its present how whatever we do as humans, our actions bring consequences which are comfortable or uncomfortable, sweet or sour, painful or easy; it is karma in action, and karma is our greatest tutor and teaching aid for soul growth. It is why you and I are on Earth today. All that is occurring now in this latest conflict between old enemies each fearful for their future is both creating karma and is the result of karma – but the negativity of the situation can be changed in a moment given the will and the wisdom.

Gaza, a small state with little to begin with by way of assets, has been subject to tests and taunts by her constantly encroaching neighbour and her attempts to retaliate through a show of force against a much stronger country has, of course, resulted in a barrage of punishment from Israel. You reap what you sow. Meanwhile, ironically, Israel, by her continuing onslaught and threat of more to come, risks alienating those countries in the Middle East and the wider world which hitherto have supported her, with the possible result that what she fears most – her disintegration – could be brought about, and she will have been the cause. You sow what you reap.

The job of any government is to protect its people from harm, but this seems forgotten as the belligerence on both sides causes more civilian casualties daily. Where is the diplomacy? Western leaders, too, through passivity and perhaps disinterest have for years allowed the peace process to lose energy and wither, contributing to the present situation where the Middle East is more unstable than it has been for decades. We are a part of this, and will reap consequences too.

It is fascinating to see the karmic aspects of all of this, and it is good to be reminded of how our every thought, word and deed are karma in action. But, human suffering in Gaza and Israel is growing, and whatever gifts this brings to we who observe by way of learning, it behoves us too to have the greatest compassion for these teachers, victims of violence but also the catalyst for change to a kinder way of living and being.

7 thoughts on “Reaping what you sow – karma in action in Gaza and Israel

  1. Without any religious allegiance or personal bias, we, the ‘World Community’ needs peace in Middle East at all costs. Today Israel and Syria bomb the innocent people, and use disproportionate force against women and children with utter cruelty. There are no checks and balances in our global structure to deter the aggressor and protect the unarmed civilians. Syrian Libration Army or Hamas are disparate retaliation to such brute force and are byproduct of this dysfunctional global structure we live today.

    There is urgent need to amend the UN charter and it’s restructuring. ‘Right to defend’ should be considered for those vulnerable people first, not for states in possession of piles of lethal weapons and ready to peddle another attack at whim. One needs to step aside of personal biases to feel the pain; remove the myopic glasses of race and religion to see the fact that this is taking us to the middle ages on the whole; nothing but more destruction and state sponsored terrorism in absence of a credible and balancing force.

    Another element in this conflict is very evident. After terribly failing to dislodge or steer US politics, Bibi and party are giving funfeast to their right wing extremists for upcoming elections. Bibi and party were isolated due to their inhuman policies toward Gaza and attacking peace Flotilla early this ear are back in the game after Iran rhetoric and looking tough on terrorism and by engaging in more terrorism. What a quagmire !

  2. The one problem with what you wrote is that is greatly distorts what is actually happening there.

    “her constantly encroaching neighbour”. Writing this, while Israel voluntarily LEFT Gaza years ago as a gesture of peace, is greatly lacking in honesty. Ignoring the fact that Hamas has been raining thousands of rockets in Israeli civilians is the same.

  3. Karma it is indeed, and it is based upon something visceral for both parties (Israel and Hamas in Gaza, but not necessarily in that order): Survival. Consider also the element of hate that both sides possess for each other. Ah, to untangle such knots of karma! In the end, doing so starts within all people concerned; the question is how much will exists to do so. As Shakespeare has been so often quoted: ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way.’

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