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Syria and Beyond – Confusion and Light

It is a sign of the advent of autumn when I am up before the birds, and it is half-dark still. So it was today, with rustling from the hedgerows as I woke sleepy blackbirds by putting out their food, as bats returning home swooped over my head and a late owl hooted in the oaks.

On this perfect, tranquil morning in the heart of Wales, it is hard to believe that the world far beyond is in disarray, gripped by a paralysis of uncertainty; a minute piece of sticking plaster has been found to cover the bleeding wound which is Syria, and while it is good that diplomacy not military retaliation is at work, the solutions, accompanied still by threat of war from Obama, are insubstantial and possibly unworkable in one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

The situation, today, is that the Syrian rebels, feeling unsupported by the West, are angry and volatile while terrorists flock to join this opportunity to destabilise the world; Assad and his allies have created a convenient if unbelievable delay; Putin has been strengthened and Obama is a weakened President – but possibly playing a very clever game; and the people of the Middle East, who live in the core of the crisis, are in fear of where this power struggle will lead. No-one, really, knows what to do.

Change is constant and change is necessary, but change does not need to be difficult. Whatever happens in the sad story of Syria and her neighbours, the world will be altered by it, and ultimately for the good. It may be that the present diplomatic discussions on the unlikely solution put forward by Russia will become serious, and universal, talks on how to end the civil war and return stability to the area, and that would be wonderful. I pray for the Light to help everyone involved, those who suffer and are forgotten in all the external political storms, in particular.


One thought on “Syria and Beyond – Confusion and Light

  1. G’day, Claire!

    The way this is currently playing out impresses me as being one of Good Cop/Bad Cop. In this instance, it looks like President Putin is playing the former, whereas President Obama is playing the latter. It’s an interesting way indeed of turning screws on Bashar al-Assad.

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