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Easter, and the 7th Ray of Magic

In my last blog post, I wrote about how Easter concerns the resurrection of the soul. It is about endings and beginnings also – which is one reason why the full moon associated with Easter is of such significance.

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Cosmic Order in a Chaotic World

It is easy to forget, as we look at a world dominated, today, by a strangely missing aircraft; by a Russian land-grab in Crimea and potentially beyond; by yet more distasteful celebrity court cases; by terrible human suffering in Syria and elsewhere; and by global political expediency, that these disparate aspects of current human experience are part of a divine cosmic order.

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The Power of the Barn Owl – Lessons for Leaders?

Power comes in many forms: it is associated usually with authority or leadership, sometimes cruelty and abuse, but power can be enthralling also, though often, in this form, it is overlooked when it should most be noticed. Who would think about the power of a barn owl?

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