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Coming to your Senses

The recent January full moon was the precursor to a rare astrological conjunction between Saturn and Pluto that symbolised, like the full moon only far more so, aspects of finality and loss, challenge and accountability. 

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Mercury in Transit – A Year of Revelation

There are only a few occurrences in any century when the fastest planet we know, Mercury, passes in transit in front of our Sun, and it is significant always, for everybody. It happens this Monday, when for a few hours this winged messenger is so close to us it is almost visible – and using special glasses it is.

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Capricorn and a Full Moon of Dark and Light, and Opportunity

Esoteric tradition emphasises the astrological significance of the sun sign as it relates and influences lunar change: for this month of January 2015 and this full moon, happening now, Capricorn is sun-dominant, bringing with it the contrast of intense density where there seems no light, but also the opportunity to find a light of dazzling brilliance.

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