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An August Full Moon of Blindness and Light

Esoterically speaking, the full moon that falls on Sunday, close to the mid-point of the day in the UK, is symbolised by Virgo: the Virgo celebration is the one moon in the year which, more than any other, is about motherhood, about Gaia and about the Divine Feminine.

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The Mother of the World, at the Full Moon

A picture of the Mother of the World by Nicholas Roerich hangs in my bedroom. She is blindfolded, waiting patiently for humanity to awaken, to call to her and to see her, and all she represents, in her truth.

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The Full Moon Today, and the Importance of Shedding Burdens

Today’s August full moon sees the end, for now, of a fractious cycle of entrenched, uncompromising views; of the fracturing of a mirror of calm; and of physical challenge. The symptoms of change will return again but, today, this day of completion, is a time for personal review, and for peace.

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