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Saturn and the Supermoon

The Full Moon on Monday will not only be when she is at her closest to Earth, but as she disappears behind our planetary home she will glow fiery red.

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The Blood Moon, and the Hand of God

As much of the world is consumed by relentless solar fire power, it is no coincidence that the strongest, longest Blood Moon of the century will occur just as heavy storms break the heat and Mercury dances backwards, along with several other planets. The portents of momentous events to come are in place.

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A Full Moon of Blood and Hunt, but not Nightmare


Wednesday’s Full Moon of October 2014 for me is redolent with the memory of running and hiding, running and hiding in fear of giant black-caped horsemen seeking everywhere to find me. It is my recurring nightmare since childhood. They were hunters wreaking vengeance, and the Full Moon to come fittingly is the Hunter’s Moon, also the rare Blood Moon, and the Moon of Decision.

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