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Putin, the Western Obsession with Markets, and Compassion

President Putin was right when he said, yesterday, that any attempt to impose sanctions on Russia would hurt the West as much as his own country: he knows that sanctions would impact markets everywhere and that, because the developed world has made making money the most important focus of government, there is little it is able, practically, to do about the Crimean takeover without hurting itself badly.

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Balance and Compassion in the Lord Rennard Affair


The Lord Rennard affair has the appearance of a rather bad play, part farce, part drama, part tragedy depending upon if and how you are involved. It is badly written, not very credible and the main dramatis personae increasingly are unlovable as the show develops, and for all these reasons it is easy to forget that behind the stereotypes are real people, all of whom deserve compassion. Compassion is lacking, so far, and so is balance.

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