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Easter Made Present

Easter is a bittersweet time for many people, whether they think, or care, about its significance.

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An Easter Trinity


Esoterically speaking, the Easter Full Moon is fixed by its association with the Vernal Equinox and the sign of Aries – it is known too as the Aries Full Moon, and this year it falls on 31st March, which also happens to be the first day of Passover.

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Easter, and the 7th Ray of Magic

In my last blog post, I wrote about how Easter concerns the resurrection of the soul. It is about endings and beginnings also – which is one reason why the full moon associated with Easter is of such significance.

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Easter, and the Resurrection of your Soul

The Easter spiritual festival is special, for Easter is not only about the resurrection of Jesus, but it is also about the resurrection of the soul – your soul.

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Easter’s Reminder of the Greatest Prize

I write as the Easter Full Moon comes into its climax, and, fittingly, at this time of completion, a heavy fire burns out of control on the mountains opposite my home, consuming old bracken and other dying vegetation and covering the skies with grey fog. Whether the fire was started maliciously or not I do not know, but even though it is creating grievous damage, it is serving to prepare the ground for new life.

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Listening to God, this Easter

For many years Easter was a difficult time for me, filled with the memory of the suffering and loss of the Crucifixion, re-surfacing lifetime after lifetime. The Christian joy of the story of the Resurrection, following the sorrow, did not touch me. It was quite recently that I was able to lay to rest those personal ghosts of the past and see, gratefully, the need for the Easter story and its significance as a milestone on the human journey to our shared spiritual destiny.

Word of God

The Word of God

However much the details may have been altered over time, the life and death of Jesus have taught us about the importance of unconditional love for ourselves and within our community, about acceptance, integrity and kindness. He is known as the Son of God and was the Messenger for God at a time when we had forgotten how to hear, or to listen.

We do not need messengers, or intermediaries, now. It is time to hear the voice of God directly, you and I, in the wind and the birdsong, in the running waters and especially in the silence.

I encourage you, this Easter, as life begins and ends with the changing seasons, as people celebrate and mourn perhaps, to find the time to listen to the silence which is around you always even in the busiest surroundings; so doing will take you to a place of peace far from human frailty, a place and state of being where you will find inspiration in God’s message, spoken just for you.

(This article was taken from my latest Spiritual Update……)


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This Eclipsed Easter Full Moon – a Time to Transcend the Shadows

An Easter Moon is special always, but for it to be accompanied by a total lunar eclipse makes it even more extraordinary. Tuesday at 0743 GMT when the Moon is at its most potent is the time to be aware, alert to what is happening within and beyond you. It may be one of the most important days of the year for you.

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